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Armadillo Trapping

Armadillos are considered nuisance pests because they excavate land in search of insects and other invertebrates to eat. They also create substantial tunnels as a way to travel or for shelter. Attracted to Florida’s loose, sandy soil and warm, humid climate, armadillos are common here in Tampa. And, while they are not necessarily harmful creatures, the extensive damage they cause is one of the reasons homeowners seek Critter Control® of Tampa’s armadillo trapping services.

Property Damage

Armadillos use their long, sharp claws and pointy snout to create holes and burrows, which can mean costly repairs for you.

If you suspect you may have an intruder, look for these signs:

  • 3-5” wide x 1-3” deep holes throughout your lawn
  • Flowers and plants that have been uprooted
  • Long burrows about 7-10” in diameter near or below structures, sidewalks, walkways, brush piles, and shrubs that are low to the ground
  • Busted wires or pipes beneath the ground
  • Cracks in the foundation, sidewalk, or driveway

Trapping Armadillos

Once you verify you have an armadillo problem, the best way to address the situation is by removing the critter using a live trap. Trapping is the safest and most humane way to remove an armadillo from your yard, and proper trap placement is necessary for a successful capture. You can’t just set a trap down in the middle of your yard in hopes that an armadillo will walk right into it. Instead, use these placement tips:

  • At nighttime, set the trap right in front of the burrow entrance
  • Set the trap against the fence or wall where the armadillo is likely to travel
  • To help funnel the armadillo into the opening of the trap, create a V shape by using two 1×4 inch or 1×6 inch boards about 6 feet long

Before trapping and relocating wildlife, it’s important to check what is legally allowed. Also, once an armadillo is caught and removed, you want to continue observing your yard and treating it as necessary to keep others from coming on to your property in the future.

We Can Help

Because armadillos are solitary creatures, removing one from your yard won’t prevent others from wandering onto your property later on. It’s important to complete a thorough inspection and create an armadillo prevention plan. Critter Control® of Tampa will perform a home inspection to identify how and why the armadillos are attracted to your property. Our trained technicians will then resolve the issues to ensure your home and yard stay protected from future invasions. For more information regarding our armadillo trapping services, please call us today at 813.948.0870.

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