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Bees are one of the most common stinging insects in the United States, particularly in Tampa where beetemperatures are usually hot and the air humid. This is a great environment for bees to pollinate, but not so great for the humans who have to deal with these insects. In fact, bees instill plenty of fear in humans, largely because of their sting.

While we want our customers to understand the benefits of bees, we are aware their stings can be deadly and that too many of them constitute a pest problem. Critter Control of Tampa’s staff is trained to identify all types of bees and remove them quickly, efficiently, and humanely. If you live in an area where bee infestations are common, we have the facts you need to know.

Identifying Bees

There are so many different types of bees in Tampa, it can be difficult to identify a specific one; especially when an entire colony of them has nested near your home. However, it’s likely you’re dealing with a few basic types of bees. These include the honey bee, bumblebee, yellow jacket, carpenter bee, or hornet.

The honey bee is probably the best known for its deadly sting, partially because it has a ridged stinger that can get stuck in the skin. Not all other bees sting – for example, male carpenter bees don’t have this ability. However, if you are allergic or afraid of bees, you should never deal with an infestation on your own. You need professionals, as bees will react to fear. Your anxiety will feed theirs, and they will be more likely to sting you.

Protecting Yourself from Bees

Bees commonly nest on roofs or eaves, though their nests are sometimes found on the ground. Hornets and yellow jackets are particularly adept at building ground nests. Critter Control recommends using non-lethal sprays and other deterrents in areas bees often build nests. In addition, seal all entry points to keep bees out of your home. Entry points include foundational cracks, damaged screens, and damaged doors or windows.

Bees are attracted to sweet things, so never bring sugary food or drinks outside. If you must bring a cool summer drink like lemonade or tea to your deck, keep it covered at all times. If you have any other questions, call 813.948.0870 or contact us today.

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