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Bee Removal

Easily distinguishable by their black and yellow markings, the bee population is comprised of about Bee Removal20,000 different species, with over 300 living right here in Florida. Most bees work almost exclusively to pollinate flowers and to produce honey in their hive. In fact, bees are such efficient pollinators that they are responsible for the existence of about one-third of the food we eat. This makes their recent decline in population especially alarming, and it is important that you let a professional handle any bee removal needs you may have.

Bee Problems

Safely handling and relocating bees is crucial to maintaining their existence. Bees were recently added to the endangered species list due to their declining numbers and high value to our ecosystem. Instead of exterminating or destroying a bee hive around your home or business, you should call a bee removal professional to safely relocate the hive and bees inside, while ensuring that you are out of harm’s way.

In addition to keeping the bee population safe, your safety is paramount as well. Though bees are not typically aggressive towards humans, they can swarm and attack if they feel threatened. Their stingers can become lodged in your skin, releasing a painful venom that can be hazardous to your health in the event of multiple stings or an allergy to the venom.

Call the Professionals

Choosing a pest control specialist that employs safe and humane relocation tactics when dealing with bees is vital to keeping our buzzing friends around for generations to come. At Critter Control® of Tampa, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to rid you of your bee problem and help you prevent hives from forming on your property in the future. Call us today at 813.948.0870 for a free consultation.

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