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Rat Extermination in Tampa

When rats are present in a building, Critter Control® of Tampa recommends seeking professional help rat exterminationfor your rat extermination needs. Rats aren’t the best guests as they create structural and health risks wherever they go. To help wear down their constantly growing incisor teeth, they chew on wood, electrical and alarm wires, or even insulation. They are also known for transmitting diseases such as Hantavirus, Rat Bite Fever, and Leptospirosis which are all potentially deadly for humans.

After extermination comes removal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a lengthy set of rules for properly disposing of rats and other rodents. To ensure you are following this rules and to keep you safe, rat extermination should be left to the professionals.

Signs You May Have Rats in Your Home

Other than finding nibble marks on the wood and wires in a building, there are other tell-tale signs that rats may be present and need exterminating:

  • Rat droppings and feces
  • Dirt or grease trails along walls
  • Scurrying or scratching noises, especially after dusk
  • Temperature fluctuation in your home or business due to insulation damage

Hire a Critter Control® Professional

Clients may be able to trap or poison some of the rats that have invaded their space, but eliminating them all usually requires hiring a rat exterminator like the experts at Contact Critter Control® of Tampa. A professional exterminator is also the safest way to guarantee that proper repairs will be done and that the animals will be handled humanely.

For questions about rats or other critters that you notice in or around your home or business, Contact Critter Control® of Tampa at 813.948.0870 today. Be sure to ask about our three year exclusion and lifetime warranties.

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