Rat Trapping in Tampa

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Rat Trapping

The options for available rat trapping tools today are plenty. Traditional wooden snap traps are still accessible, but the market has now grown to include, electronic traps, glue traps, live traps and many more. Regardless of the type of trap chosen, the correct location and placement must be used to make rat trapping tampathem effective. To avoid unfavorable effects of incorrect placement, Critter Control ® urges Tampa residents and business owners to seek professional rat removal help the first time they have a rat sighting in their dwelling or office.

How Did the Rats Get Into My Space?

Rats only need a space that is ¾ inch wide to enter your space. Once inside, they can cause a lot of damage to the wood, insulation, or even clothing you have present. They are mostly active in the evening and night hours, and they make their presence known by the scratching and scurrying noises you hear in your walls or attic as they move about. If you suspect they are in your presence, but not sure how they got there, check for:

  • Holes the size of a quarter or bigger in your wall, roof, or foundation
  • Damages to crawls space vents, or gaps in roof eaves
  • Holes in pipes where electrical or utility pipes are run
  • Tears or dents in screen doors and windows

How Can Critter Control Help?                     

At Critter Control® of Tampa, our team of experts are trained and certified to properly handle our client’s rat control needs. Rats are very dangerous and methodical creatures. Once they determine a path to travel to and from their burrow, it’s difficult to get them to divert. They are also very aware of any new objects or food placed in their presence so placing the rat traps must be very strategic. Improper handling can leave residents as risk of contracting diseases like Leptospirosis or Hantavirus which are both potentially deadly to humans. Our technicians will:

  • Devise a custom plan that will ensure our client’s safety throughout the process
  • Seal all possible rat entry points
  • Remove all the impeding rats
  • Sanitize the affected area
  • Monitor the traps until all rodents have been eliminated

For further questions about our rat trapping or any other services. Call the expert rat trappers at Critter Control® of Tampa at 813.948.0870 to assist. Be sure to ask about our three year exclusion or lifetime warranties.

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