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Rodent Exterminator

Finding an experienced, professional exterminator to help with your rodent issues shouldn’t be a Tampa Rodentdifficult thing to do, and Critter Control® of Tampa is here to help. Over the last three decades, we’ve built our reputation on offering a fully customized treatment plan based on your specific needs while utilizing only the most effective, environmentally friendly methods available. While we always strive to relocate nuisance critters when applicable, sometimes the situation calls for a different approach.

What We Do

No matter what sort of issue you’re facing, Critter Control® is here to help. From commercial to residential and everything in between, you can count on our veteran exterminators to get the job done right.

Just some of what you can expect from us:

  • A thorough complimentary inspection of your home or office to determine the severity of your rodent problem
  • A plan that is tailored to your needs and budget
  • We use only the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods available anywhere
  • Thorough clean up and repair of any rodent damage to your building
  • Meticulous sealing off of entry points to help prevent future problems, as well as education on discouraging rodent activity on your property

Let Us Help

Don’t underestimate the dangers of a rodent infestation. If you suspect that you have a problem in your home or office building, let the experts at Critter Control® of Tampa help. Call us today at 813.948.0870 with any questions, or to schedule your free home consultation.

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