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Signs you have rats in the atticIf an engineer could design the ideal habitat for rats, they could do no better than an attic. This is because an attic provides rats with more benefits than any other space. An attic keeps rats perfectly safe from predators like owls and snakes, as well as from dangerous weather conditions. But, it has the added benefit of being close, but not too close, to human activity. Living alongside humans is dangerous for rats, but there’s always the promise of a steady food source. They can go on living unnoticed for weeks in an attic, whereas there’s no chance they’d make it that long if they tried living in your kitchen pantry.

That’s why you need to pay extra attention if you get an inkling that you might have some rats in the attic, and it’ll be worth your time to go up there and check it every now and then. It’s harder to pick up on these signs since you likely don’t get to the attic much, but it is incredibly important that you identify and catch the critters before it becomes an infestation.

Nighttime Noises

Rats are nocturnal animals, so if they are hunkering down in your attic, you are more likely to notice them during the night. They will begin to emerge from their dens in search of food under the cover of darkness to avoid detection. This means you might hear some scratching or chewing noises, or even squeaking babies. If you think you hear something coming from the attic, stop and listen for these types of noises at night.

Chewing Damage

As rodents, rats are compelled to grind down their large front teeth by chewing on objects frequently. That means you’ll almost certainly see chewed up cardboard boxes, walls, floor beams, furniture, and even wires if they’ve been in your attic for long. They have even been known to chew through plastic, metal, and concrete, so almost anything could be damaged by their gnawing.

Excrement and Urine

Have you ever had a pet gerbil or guinea pig? If so, you’ll know that they defecate, a lot. A group of rats will leave behind pellet-shaped droppings all over your attic, found most likely in the insulation. In addition, the insulation will probably have been soiled by urine as well. This is an unpleasant thing for homeowners to investigate, but a rat infestation in the attic can make quite the mess and do some significant damage.

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