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3 Signs You Need a Rodent ExterminatorA couple rats in your office building might not seem like a critical issue requiring professional help. You might think that you can set up a few traps and solve the problem yourself in a couple of days. However, there comes a point where an exterminator is necessary to eradicate the issue and restore the office to a clean and safe state. When you start seeing the following three signs, it is a good idea to abandon your DIY efforts and to call a commercial rodent exterminator right away.

  1. Multiple Rodent Sightings

Even though rodents are mostly nocturnal animals, they will sometimes make an appearance during daylight hours. While any rodent sightings are cause for concern, a repeat occurrence is quite often the result of a serious infestation problem. Another strong indicator is the sightings of both young and old rodents at various instances. This heavily implies that there is a significant rodent problem, as the creatures have been around long enough to reproduce. Make sure to hire a professional exterminator when a rodent sighting turns into an everyday occurrence.

  1. Physical Remains

A stray rodent passing by your building is not cause for concern. But if you have a larger infestation, it will be harder to ignore as time goes on. You will probably notice the presence of rodent droppings close to the walls or in the corners of your building, accompanied by spots of urine. At this point, a professional rodent exterminator is needed to address the problem immediately.

  1. Equipment Damages

Another way to know that the rodent problem in your workplace is urgent is the sight of damage to structures or equipment in your space. Rodents will chew through all sorts of materials including thin metal, wood, plastic, and even electrical wires. This prove to be costly for your business and should not be allowed to continue.

Rodent Exterminators in Tampa

It is often difficult to find out that you have a rodent problem on your property until it is already out of control. At Critter Control® of Tampa, we are able to help you restore your workplace to its original rodent-free state by ridding your workplace of the pests and cleaning up the mess. Call us today at 813-328-6646 for a free consultation.

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