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Most homeowners do not spend much time in their attic, an often dark, swelteringly hot space with little-to-no airflow. Even in cooler months when attic temperatures are more pleasant, you may not have a reason to go up there beyond storing your holiday decorations. However, you should have your attic inspected from time to time to ensure it hasn’t become a habitat for invasive pests, like rodents.

When You Should Have Your Attic Inspected for Rodents

To avoid a rodent infestation, schedule a professional attic inspection if:

  1. You Hear Scratching, Scuttling, or Squeaking Noises

If you happen to hear any of these noises coming from your attic, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. Most likely, you will hear noises at night when nocturnal rodents are more active. Depending on what type of rodent is in your attic, you might hear noises ranging from faint peeping to grunting. Repeated instances are a surefire sign that you need an animal control professional to inspect your attic.

  1. You’ve Seen Rodents Outside Your Home

While mowing the lawn or gardening, you might have noticed some rats scurrying around your hedge or bushes. Maybe there’s a squirrel that always seems to be hanging around every time you go outside. These observations could mean that there are rodents living in your attic, or that they could be trying to find a way into your house.

  1. You Notice Signs of Rodent Damage

Make a quick trip up to the attic with a flashlight to see if you can detect any signs of rodent activity. Pay particular attention to the insulation and exposed wooden beams near the floor. If you’ve had rodents, some parts of the insulation could be torn up and collected into a nest, and portions will be riddled with feces and urine. Any wooden structures could also bear signs of chewing or scratching.

  1. You Haven’t Had an Attic Inspection in a While

If it’s been a few years since you last had anyone check your home or attic, then there’s no better time for an inspection. The best way to protect your home from rodents is to keep them out in the first place. Keep on top of your home maintenance by having your attic inspected by a rodent control professional to ensure that it is rodent-free.

Professional Attic Inspections by Rodent Removal Experts

If you need an attic inspection for any of the above reasons, Critter Control® of Tampa is more than up to the task. We are leaders in the animal control industry with our unmatched, humane rodent removal services. If you have rodents or rodent damage in your attic, rest assured that we are equipped to handle every step of the process. And we don’t just get rid of rodents quickly and permanently – we also repair their damages and clean up their contamination. To schedule an inspection and receive a free rodent removal estimate, call Critter Control® of Tampa today at 813-948-0870.

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