4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Poison for Infestations

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""A rat is one of the last things you want to find in your home. Seeing 5 or 6 rats is even worse. However many you manage to notice, you can almost surely expect that there are many more. Rodents generally will stay in their hiding spot until nighttime, when they emerge to search for food under cover of darkness. If you do see one or more during the day, that could mean that there are now too many rats to fit in their hiding spot, and they have been forced out to find another one.

In a situation like this, you could be tempted to put out some poison to try to kill all the pesky invaders. But, there are several reasons why this is a bad course of action, and you should leave the rodent removal to the experts at Critter Control of Tampa.

Poison could harm your family

The most obvious reason to not put out poisons for rodents is that your children or the family dog could just as easily eat them instead of the rats. Once you lay out poison pellets, you have no control over who gets to the poison first, which is incredibly risky.

The wrong animal could eat it

If you are scattering poisons around your yard, there’s a high chance that you miss your target. Many animals scavenge for food, including other mammals like foxes and raccoons but also birds like hawks. And once again, you have no control over whether the rats eat the poison or an endangered animal.

It can backfire miserably

Even if you do succeed in poisoning some rodents in your house, that doesn’t mean they will die on the spot. It can take a while for the poison to work its way into rodent’s system, giving the rat more time to get back to its hiding spot. If it dies in the walls, you’ll be unable to remove the body, which will decay over a period of weeks and give off terrible smells.

There are better options

Poison isn’t the only way – or the best way – to get rid of a rodent infestation. Trapping is the preferred method, but each unique situation calls for different methods. A professional will be able to detect where the rodents are hiding, how they got in your house, and how to get them out.

Got a rodent problem? Put away your poison and call the rodent control experts at Critter Control of Tampa. We will assess the situation during our inspection, formulate the best possible removal plan, fix any areas the rodents damaged, and seal off all potential entry points to prevent further problems. For a free initial consultation, give us a call at 813-948-0870.

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