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Raccoons are exceedingly adaptable animals that have no problem living ""amongst manmade habitats. As a way to avoid potential predators, raccoons prefer to build their homes above ground. Fantastic climbers, raccoons easily get onto roofs using trees, downspouts, and have even been known to climb straight up a wall.

Once the raccoons get on your roof, they will use their strength, intelligence, and hand-like paws to rip open holes and gain access to your attic. Inside, the raccoon will quickly realize that the protection, warmth, and darkness your attic provides is a perfect den site.

When is Raccoon Mating Season?

Mating typically begins in January and can last through July. Female raccoons will give birth nine weeks after mating to a litter of one to eight babies, with most litters containing three to five offspring. A female raccoon only gives birth once a year and raises her young on her own, without any help from the male raccoon. To keep her babies safe, the female raccoon secures her den site in places such as attics, chimneys, sheds, decks, and porches.

When the baby raccoons are six weeks old, they will begin moving around the attic, which can be a real nuisance for homeowners. It’s not until they are eight to twelve weeks old that the babies have matured enough to leave with their mother and explore the neighborhood.

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At Critter Control® of Tampa, we’ve designed a four-step process that’s proven to safely and efficiently remove all wildlife from your attic. We will begin by inspecting your home to identify all entry points and come up with a plan on how to remove the animals. Next, we’ll remove the animals from your home and repair any damages that were made. Lastly, we’ll seal any cracks or holes, making sure to address any potential problems so that the critters can’t get back in. To set up your free consultation with one of our trained technicians, please call us today.

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