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Are Rodents More Active in the Winter?Rats, mice, and other rodents do not hibernate during winter, so how do they avoid freezing and starving to death? When it is warm outside, rodents stay hidden during the day and venture out at night. Darkness gives them protection against predator birds and other enemies that can’t see them scurrying around at night. In addition, crickets, mosquitoes, cicadas, and various insects emerge at dusk, providing rodents with a veritable smorgasbord for eight hours.

However, as soon as rodents sense winter is coming, they shift into hyperactive mode and start searching for warm shelter harboring a good supply of food and water. And that shelter could be your home.

Just One Rodent Inside Your Home Can Do Significant Damage

Rodents live to do two things: eat and reproduce. In between eating and reproducing, they like to chew on just about anything, and urinate and defecate everywhere to mark pathways. Rodents living inside your home during colder months will occasionally go outside, roam around, get into people’s garbage, investigate dead animals, and return happily to your nice, warm home. That’s how they bring in disease-causing bacteria that could sicken you and your family.

You might be surprised at the level of damage a small number of rodents can do to the interior of your home:

  • Chew through wires of all thicknesses. What’s worse is that rodents may only chew off insulation covering wires, which presents a dangerous fire hazard
  • Burrow and nest in upholstered furniture
  • Make tunnels in the attic and wall insulation/destroy insulation by using pieces of it to make nests
  • Urinate and defecate on valuable items, important documents, and clothing stored in dark rooms that are rarely visited
  • Chew holes in bags of pet food
  • Chew holes in packages of human food. If the package or box is big enough, a rodent will chew a hole, squeeze through the hole, and remain inside the package until it can’t eat anymore. That means you could have rodent urine and droppings in a box of food and not even know it
  • Gnaw on wooden and plastic items
  • Dig up flower bulbs
  • Damage vehicle wiring and interiors

Professional Rodent Removal

To stay proactive ahead of winter infestations, rely on the wildlife control experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. We can inspect your home to ensure it is rodent-free and eliminate existing rodents and other pests. To schedule your free home inspection, please call us today.

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