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""The fear of bats is common, as stories of their blood-sucking tendencies have captured the popular imagination. However, of the 1,000 different species of bat, only three are known to feed on blood, and they are all in Latin America.

Florida Bat Species

There are 13 different species of bat in Florida, none of which are vampire bats:

  • Tricolored Bat
  • Southeastern Myotis
  • Gray Bat
  • Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bat
  • Big Brown Bat
  • Evening Bat
  • Eastern Red Bat
  • Seminole Bat
  • Northern Yellow Bat
  • Hoary Bat
  • Brazilian Free-tailed Bat
  • Velvety Free-tailed Bat
  • Florida Bonneted Bat

Florida’s bats primarily feed on the large populations of insects. The warm, humid climate makes it an insect’s paradise, so bats here have no shortage of food. You might have seen the common evening bat winging around at night, picking off bugs in your neighborhood.

Why Are Bats Protected?

Every single bat species found in Florida is considered an SGCN (Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Florida). In addition, both the Gray Bat and Florida Bonneted Bat are considered Federally endangered species, which means that they are in serious danger of extinction. The Florida Bonneted Bat is considered the rarest bat in the world, and one of the most endangered mammal species in America.

As humans continue to spread and populate new areas, former bat roosting sites are destroyed. Since many of the above species will not roost in man-made bat houses, they are left with nowhere to go and frequently die off. Because bats are not particularly fecund, it is hard for the population to grow and restore itself to healthy numbers. For this reason, bats are protected by law such that it is illegal to intentionally harm or kill any of these valuable members of our environment.

Tampa Bat Removal

If you currently have bats in your house, call the experts at Critter Control of Tampa. Our professionals know how to handle these creatures legally and humanely to ensure the safety of the animal and your family. We can also sanitize any areas they contaminated with their guano so that your house is back to its former condition. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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