Can I Use Repellents To Keep Opossums Out Of My Yard?

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With the exception of the north, most people in the United States are used ""to seeing opossums foraging in their yard for food. While opossums are beneficial for pest control, it’s easy to understand why homeowners don’t want the animals tearing up their gardens and lawns, and rummaging through their trash.

Although we wish we could tell you there was a simple solution for keeping opossums out of your yard, the best way to do so is by eliminating the food and shelter your property provides. Some customers have tried using products like mothballs, ammonia, high-pitch ultrasonic sound blasters, radios, coyote urine, etc., but have quickly discovered that their attempts are unsuccessful.

There are no repellents on the market you can use that will effectively get rid of opossums. If you want to prevent opossums from being attracted to your yard, there are a few habitat modifications you can make to help deter them.

  • Bring pet food dishes indoors at night
  • Secure trash cans or leave them inside until day of pickup
  • Clear away fallen fruit from beneath fruit trees
  • Use a wire exclusion fence around decks and porches
  • Remove bird feeders or use one that doesn’t drop seeds below it
  • Keep compost in secure containers
  • Cut overhanging tree limbs
  • Make sure the doors to your garage, attic, shed, etc. are closed when not in use
  • Install covers and screens on roof and attic vents
  • Fix any openings near your home’s foundation and crawlspace

The best way to remove an opossum you catch on your property is with a live trap or snare pole. However, if you don’t locate and remove the attractants, or make it less easy for opossums to wander into your yard and home, you will keep dealing with the same issues.

If you need an animal removed from your property or would like to get some preventative work done to ensure your home and yard stay protected, then call the experts at Critter Control® of Tampa today for a free consultation.

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