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The high-pitched whine of mosquitoes is a sound that many people are all too familiar with. As soon as summer weather hits, you’re sure to find these tiny bloodsucking pests buzzing around your home or business.

While you’ve probably encountered mosquitoes before, you may not realize how serious of a problem they can be in Florida. From delivering irritating bites to potentially spreading dangerous diseases, the presence of mosquitoes can quickly spell trouble for residents and business throughout the Tampa area.

Fortunately, Critter Control of Tampa has all the answers you need for any questions or concerns about mosquitoes. Whether you’ve lived in Tampa your entire life or you’re thinking about spending the winter in the Sunshine State, we’ve got you covered with mosquito control for your home or business, as well as the information you need.

Are there mosquitoes in Florida?

Yes. Bad news: you can’t totally escape from mosquitoes in sunny Florida. The state’s warm, humid climate is ideal for these tiny pests. In fact, there are roughly 80 species of mosquitoes that live throughout the state.

Do mosquitoes in Florida carry Zika virus?

While Florida has reported cases of Zika virus in the past, there is currently no evidence of local transmission of the virus. Nevertheless, Aedes aegypti—the type of mosquito capable of carrying it—is quite common in Florida. Other diseases this mosquito species often carries includes:

  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Mayaro
  • Various yellow fever viruses

 Additionally, a Hillsborough County resident recently contracted mosquito-borne West Nile virus, which makes it even more important to protect yourself and your loved ones from these virus-ridden pests in Tampa.

When does Florida’s mosquito season end?

While North Florida’s mosquito season peaks around spring and summer, Tampa and South Florida never get a break from the buzzing menaces. However, there are months that have significantly higher mosquito populations. South Florida’s wet season, which lasts between May and October, sees the largest number of mosquitoes.

How do you control mosquitoes in Florida?

The first step in controlling mosquitoes is limiting their access to water, as they lay their eggs on the surface. Pour out buckets, bird baths, and any other containers that hold stagnant water. Additionally, if you have a pond on your property, consider pond-friendly mosquito repellent to ensure mosquito eggs can’t hatch and develop.

Other solutions for controlling mosquitoes in Florida include:

  • Mosquito-repelling torches and lanterns
  • Citronella air dispensers
  • Netting for windows and outdoor spaces
  • Fogging services from pest control providers

What kinds of plants repel mosquitoes in Florida?

Florida’s warm climate may present a pervasive mosquito problem for homes and businesses, but it also helps create short-term solutions. The Sunshine State’s consistent warmth and sun are perfect for growing a variety of plants that repel mosquitoes. If you’re dealing with bloodsucking pests around your Tampa home or business, place the following plants around your property:

  • Marigolds
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Basil

Mosquito Control Solutions from Critter Control of Tampa

Do-it-yourself pest control solutions may slow down your mosquito problem, but it’s difficult to completely safeguard your Tampa home or business without the help of professionals. Thankfully, Critter Control of Tampa is here to be your mosquito control expert.

Unlike other pest control providers, we won’t make you settle for simple mosquito fogging solutions. In addition to our eco-conscious spraying treatments, we go the extra mile to reduce and even eliminate mosquitoes through our In2Care® Mosquito Trap System.

What is the In2Care® Mosquito Trap System?

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap System is designed with mosquitoes’ unique behaviors and breeding in mind. Our technicians will inspect around your home for high risk areas, and then place the In2Care® Mosquito Traps in those spots to optimize our mosquito control results.

Once our technicians have chosen the best areas to place traps, they’ll set them with water, powdered gauze, and an odor lure. As mosquitoes are drawn to the odor, they come into contact with the mosquito larvae-killing powder on the gauze. Now contaminated by the powder, the adult mosquitoes will unwittingly kill any eggs or larvae when they land on water to breed.

Interested in learning more about the In2Care® Mosquito Trap System from Critter Control of Tampa? Contact our team online or give us a call today.

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Mosquitoes may be an ubiquitous presence in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you should have to deal with them and all the issues they can cause. With Critter Control of Tampa, you can depend on our targeted, effective solutions to solve your mosquito struggles.

Since 1983, we’ve been dedicated to helping Tampa residents and business owners shield their loved ones, employees, and guests from mosquitoes and a variety of other unwanted pests.

For quality mosquito control solutions you can trust, look no further than Critter Control of Tampa. Give our team a call to learn more about our services, or request your free quote today.

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