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Do Office Pets Attract Pests?Wild animals don’t always need a reason to choose your office as the next space to settle, but giving them one can put quite a target on your business. Unfortunately, if you’ve worked hard to make your office a welcome space for your employees and their pets, you could be welcoming a wildlife infestation. While the pets on your property might pique the interest of other animals, you don’t have to exterminate your fur-friendly policies to prevent a pest problem. 

Effects of a Pest Problem on Your Office Pets 

A wildlife infestation can cause significant damage to your building, add strain to your budget, and put your employees at risk. However, your office pets might be the ones to suffer the most. Here are some of the health and wellness hazards that wild animals bring to the pets of your office. 

  • Fleas and mites

    Some pests feed on other pests. When a wild animal such as a raccoon, squirrel, or rat enters your office bearing fleas, ticks, or mites, it can spread them directly to the animals you’ve allowed inside. Even for pets with a fresh wash and clean cut, this can cause anything from mild discomfort to serious injury.  

  • Illness and disease

    You should only open your doors to employee pets that have up-to-date vaccinations; however, a pest problem can still put them at risk. After invading your office space, wild animals can spread conditions like leptospirosis and tularemia to domesticated pets and their owners. 

How Your Office Pets Can Attract Local Wildlife  

The sight of employee pets getting comfortable around your office can give nearby wildlife the wrong idea. Here are the ways in which a welcome office animal can attract a nearby wild animal.

  • Pet food

    Wild or not, animals have to eat. To prevent leftover pet food from turning into pest food, mandate a pet food storage system. Require that all employees store their pet food in airtight containers and immediately collect all leftovers after their pet finishes a meal. Designate a section for clean pet food dishes and require employees to promptly wash them, too. 

  • Pet waste

    Pet waste isn’t complete waste; it actually contains some nutrients that wild animals could use in their diet. If you don’t already have a pet cleanup policy, implement one immediately. By allowing workers to leave their animal byproducts behind, your pet-friendly policies can quickly become pest-friendly. 

Pet-Friendly Pest Professionals in Tampa 

If you want to keep your office pet-approved while keeping it pest-proof, partner with the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. Our team of wildlife professionals will use humane wildlife techniques to safely secure your building from any unwanted critters. For more information on our list of pet-friendly services, call us today at 813-948-0870.

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