Don’t Tick Me Off: Staying Free Of Ticks This Summer

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Most summer bugs are mildly annoying. In many cases, the worst they can do is make you itch. Ticks, though, are another story. Ticks are highly dangerous to people and pets; they carry Lyme disease as well as many ticks in Tampacoexisting infections that are difficult to diagnose. Critter Control® of Tampa wants you, your family, and your pets to stay tick free and healthy this summer.

Know Where to Find Ticks

You should always check yourself and others for ticks after being outside, but many ticks are difficult to spot with the naked eye. It’s better to know where ticks congregate and take preventive measures. You’ll find most ticks in wooded areas and tall grasses. Tall grass in particular gives ticks the leverage they need to crawl onto people or animals. Wear long socks in these areas and push them up over your pants. Coat yourself in bug spray; make sure the brand protects against ticks.

Mind the Lawn

One of the best ways to prevent tick invasions is to trim your lawn and shrubs. Ticks don’t do well in short vegetation, so staying tick-free this summer may depend on maintaining the lawn. Cut the grass regularly. Prune shrubs, especially those with naturally long limbs.

Call Critter Control

Staying tick-free this summer may involve professionals. If ticks are invading your yard or woodland property, Critter Control can help. We use humane exclusion methods and environmentally friendly bug killers to get rid of ticks once and for all.

If you’ve found ticks on yourself, your family, or your pets, give us a call today to go over your options or to set up your free estimate.

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