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""Bat guano, as strange as it may seem, has been considered a valuable resource for hundreds of years. It is invaluable for its fertilizing capabilities. Farmers tout guano’s high nitrogen and phosphorous content, which helps plants grow quickly and healthily, while also assisting in the development of strong roots. They also love guano because it can drastically improve the quality, texture, and nutrients of soil, in addition to killing off harmful plant diseases.

But, the story is different when a large source of guano has developed in your building. In no way does guano help you there – it only does serious damage to your property and puts others at risk. Here’s why guano can be problematic to have in your commercial building.

Guano piles can be heavy.

If bats roost in one area for a long time, large piles of guano will begin to build up. This excess weight can put pressure on weak structures and cause a lot of damage.

The smell is terrible.

This might not be surprising since animal waste of any kind smells horrid, but guano is particularly potent. The odor will be completely disruptive to anything happening in the building.

Your insulation might be completely destroyed.

If the bats have made it into the attic or ducts, the guano will contaminate the whole area. It’s best to cut your losses and replace all the insulation to sanitize the area completely.

Guano houses harmful fungi.

While you don’t want to breathe in any sort of waste, guano is known to be a breeding ground for a few different bacteria and fungi. You’ll want to deal with the problem immediately if the guano pile is near an air vent.

Commercial Bat Services

The bats might be long gone, but Critter Control of Tampa can still help you deal with the aftermath. We understand how unpleasant and problematic guano can be – trust us, we’ve cleaned our fair share of guano-ridden attics. Let us use our professional-grade cleaning and safety equipment to dispose of the waste, minimizing the risk. Call us today for a free initial consultation.

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