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Your attic isn’t the easiest room to reach in your home. Between the lifting, lowering, and climbing needed just to access it, you probably never feel like making the trip up there. So, when you find out that raccoons have entered, nested in, and infested the area, you might be wondering why they chose your attic — and how they got inside.

Why Are Raccoons Attracted to My Attic?

For you, an attic might be a spot to visit once or twice a year. But for raccoons, an attic is more of a long-term location. Attics provide shelter from freezing temperatures in the winter and scorching heat in the summer. And for female raccoons, attics are the perfect place to raise their young while also escaping the threat of predators in the wild. Your attic is also directly connected to the rest of your house – which leads right to your kitchen and your kitchen trash. Unless you take the time to seal each hole that leads into your attic, raccoons have no reason not to enter your home.

How Do Raccoons Enter My Attic?

There are two main factors that can help you determine how vulnerable your attic is to a raccoon infestation: the architecture and environment. The fixtures on your house and the age of your home’s architecture can heavily contribute to your property’s vulnerability. For example, if the vents or shingles on your roof have any openings, they may grant a raccoon easy entry into your attic. Another factor to consider around your home is the actual environment you live in. If your home is surrounded by trees, for example, overgrown branches can provide direct roof access for nearby raccoons.

How Much Time Do I Have to Get Them Out?

Once you discover a raccoon in your attic, it’s important to have it removed as soon as possible. Raccoons carry health hazards that can affect adults, children, and even pets. These include diseases and infections that cause anything from fevers and headaches to nausea and dizziness. You’ll also want to immediately evacuate raccoons in your attic to save yourself from costly damage. From chewing to shredding, raccoons will tear up just about any obstacle in your attic — even insulation and electrical wiring.

Expert Raccoon Removal

If raccoons are in your attic, there’s only one way to exclude these critters while feeling confident that they won’t’ return: calling Critter Control®. At Critter Control® of Tampa, our trained technicians use eco-friendly pest control alternatives to safely secure your home. We also provide insulation and restoration services to repair any attic raccoon damage. Schedule a free attic inspection to check for raccoons now.

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