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""Mouse traps consisting of spring-loaded bars attached to square pieces of wood or hard plastic have been used since the turn of the century to catch mice and rats. These “snap” traps can be placed just about anywhere in your home and are easy to set. Simply put a piece of food on the spring mechanism and wait for a curious mouse to trigger the bar that comes down on the mouse’s neck.

Disadvantages of Snap Mouse Traps

Old-fashioned mouse traps work well to catch the occasional rodent invading your home but do not work well to eradicate a well-populated infestation. Mice and rats reproduce prolifically, producing up to seven babies per litter every month in resource-rich environments. That means you would have to place dozens of snap mouse traps throughout your home and check them often to get rid of dead mice.

Also, snap mouse traps aren’t always triggered by rodents. For the bar to come down on a rodent’s body, the animal has to grab the piece of food in a way that puts pressure on the triggering mechanism. Rodents can sniff, grab and run off with food in less than a second or two–without touching and triggering the bar.

Glue Traps for Mice

Covered in a superglue-like substance, glue traps capture rodents when they walk over or into the trap. Once mice become immobilized, they cannot maintain normal body temperature and die within hours of getting stuck to a glue trap. However, just like spring-loaded mouse traps, glue traps need checked at least once a day and replaced regularly. If you lead a busy life, like most people do, you’re likely to forget about checking one or two glue traps in your kitchen. And that’s great news– for rodents!

Live-catch Mouse Traps

For people who do not want to kill rodents, live-catch traps are available resembling small cages with metal doors that snap closed when rodents enter them. Unfortunately, releasing mice and rats into the wild means, they are likely to find their way back to your home or invade another person’s home. Rodents also carry viral and bacterial diseases transmittable to humans.

Don’t waste time and money using traps that may or may not work. Call Critter Control® of Tampa today to make an appointment for professional pest control technicians to rid your home of rodents without delay.

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