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How Do Rats Get in My Walls?When homeowners hear of a rat infestation, they almost immediately assume the problem is in the attic. It’s hard to believe that a rat can be walking in between your walls, but it’s more common than you might imagine. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, and they can chew through just about anything if they need to.

How Do They Fit?

Rats fit in between what is known as the cavity of your walls. A cavity is a gap between the two layers of brickwork, and it exists to ensure that water is not transferred from the outside of the house to the inside. This little gap is the perfect size for a rat to live in. Listed below are the common ways rats can get in between your walls.

  1. Roof Edges/Overhanging Trees

    This is a very common way for rats to get into your walls, as they can easily climb trees, roof edges, shrubbery, etc. to gain entry. The gap between your roof and walls is likely to contain rat-sized holes perfect for entry.

  2. Ventilation Systems

    Venting systems pass through the brickwork of your home, and if installed incorrectly, they can leave gaps that rats can use to their advantage. You will have to check the venting system for any potential flaws in the installation process. If you find some, make sure to close them up.

  3. Weakness in Masonry

    If the siding of your home is made of brick or stone, over time, the mortar will become weak and crumble away, leaving little holes perfect for rats. Gaps between bricks allow the rats to squeeze right into the cavity wall. It’s important that you regularly check your home for weak mortar.

  4. Air Conditioning

    AC units pass through your walls directly to the outside, which will give a rat the chance to enter and exit your home’s walls as they please. The installation of pipes and cables may have left small rat-sized gaps. Make sure to carefully check for gaps and plug any you can find.

  5. Cable Holes

    If your home has cable or satellite television, a hole had to be made on the outside to reach the inside of your house. A cable hole is more than big enough for a rat to squeeze through. With this entry method, rats may leave many warning signs, as they chew through cables leaving you with a poor television signal.

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