How Rat Contamination Can Affect Your Office Building

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Working provides a source of income, a professional network, and a home away from home. What a job should not provide, however, are the stress and high stakes of a rat infestation. From financial loss to health and safety risks, here are a handful of ways that rat contamination can affect your office building.

Common Sources

When addressing a rat infestation, make note of any actual sightings as well as the left-behind evidence. Just as you would with your stock, take inventory of where you have seen these animals. If you don’t see any rats but still have your suspicions, take a step back and consider the common areas where these critters congregate.

Entryways, like loading docks, open doors, and rooftop openings, are obvious spots that any critter could crawl through. But because rats can squeeze through some of the tiniest holes and cracks, you should also check areas like the kitchen, attic, and any crawl spaces.

High-Risk Consequences

The longer you take to find the source of your infestation, the quicker it will spread — and the more it will cost. Contaminating stock or soiling inventory, rats can put a big financial strain on your business. Likewise, rats will tear documents, chew through wires, and damage equipment.

Temporarily closing the doors can hurt your business, but it can also damage your reputation with your staff. If anyone on your workforce comes in contact with a rat, they’re at risk of being bitten or even contracting illness. Therefore, a rat issue can turn from a financial setback to a serious health hazard when it starts to threaten your employees or customers.

Effective Solutions

Fortunately, there are many tried-and-true methods that will curb a rat infestation before it ramps up. Start by making sure there are no holes, gaps, or cracks for them to fit through. Identify any potential entry points around your office, and repair them with sealant and metal screening.

Reinvent your waste management routine by cracking down on trash cleanup and storing your garbage in sealed, durable trashcans. From there, you can get the rest of your office involved in preventing a pest infestation. Encourage your employees to stow their food in airtight containers, clean up any crumbs, and throw out expired goods.

Local Management

Rat contamination is more than just a bother; it’s a threat to your business. That’s why our team of licensed technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa help companies like yours with humane wildlife inspection, removal, and prevention. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary office inspection today.

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