How To Keep Opossums From Entering Your Apartment Building

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Voracious insect eaters with one of the least confrontational temperaments in the wild, opossums are the animals that you and other Tampa business owners should want in the local environment. However, you likely want them to stay in the environment and not venture inside your commercial property — specifically, your apartment building. To protect your renters from disease and other indirect opossum dangers, follow these tips to keep these critters where they belong.

Things That Attract Opossums

To create the best strategy to avert opossums, you need to know what actually attracts them. These are the most common issues in apartment communities that tend to pique the interest of local opossums.

  • Leftovers – Opossum’s favorite meals to find around commercial buildings include fish, pet foods, and other pungent dishes.
  • Compost – A mixture of decaying leftover ingredients, compost is a huge draw for nearby opossums.
  • Garden growth – Fruits and vegetables that fall from the trees around your apartment community offer a lot of eating opportunities for opossums.
  • Bird feed – Birds are beautiful animals to welcome to your apartment community, but when their feed falls in the grass, opossums won’t hesitate to have a taste.
  • Overgrowth – Opossums see untrimmed shrubs and bushes as safe places to hide or an opportunity to search for more food.

How to Keep Opossums Away   

If you manage or own an apartment building, you probably spend a lot of time thinking of ways to make your community even better for tenants. With wildlife management now on your list of ideas, here are some additional strategies to keep in mind:

  • Extra lighting – By installing lights to brighten your community day and night, you can create a constant warning sign for opossums.
  • Live traps – If you already have opossums in your apartment complex, set live traps to safely capture and relocate the critters.
  • Clean community – Pick up excess bird feed and garden produce, crackdown on strict sanitation, and encourage tenants to secure their compost and store the bins above ground.
  • Opossum barrier – Starting at the foundation and working up to the top of the roof, inspect your apartment building for openings. Any holes or gaps found along the way need immediate repair. Pack each hole and prevent opossums from entering by using industrial-strength caulk and wire mesh.

Commercial Wildlife Management in Tampa

Do you have an opossum infestation in your apartment building, or do you want to keep your community safe from ever having to deal with one? No matter what wildlife solution you’re searching for, you can count on the licensed team at Critter Control® of Tampa. We can remove any existing animals with humane, eco-friendly techniques or secure your already pest-free community to keep any animal from entering. Give us a call today!

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