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As the nights get cooler, spiders are bound to make their way back intoSpider Prevention Tampa homes in the Tampa area. Keep your home and property spider-free with the help of these home-grown spider remedies.

  1. Turn lights out: While spiders aren’t attracted to the light, other insects are, and spiders will follow that food source to your door and inside the home.
  2. Make a spray: Spiders hate the smell of eucalyptus, tea-tree, and peppermint so these will make perfect stay-away sprays. Spray the concoction around your windows and doors.
  3. Put the Cat to Work: Cats love hunting spiders and are very skilled at catching them. Be cautious as some spiders like black widows are poisonous and can cause serious harm to your pet.
  4. Squeeze a lemon: Lemons or any other citrus fruit are repealing to spiders but non-toxic to everyone else in the house. Save up your citrus peels and place them around the house in places you’ve seen spiders. Replace every couple of days to keep this potent deterrent working.
  5. Keep it clean: This may be the oldest and most effective deterrent in the book. Spiders hide best in neglected corners of the home, so eliminating those will leave spiders feeling displaced.

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When all else fails, call in the professionals! At Critter Control® at Tampa we ensure that our clients issues are handled in a safe, convenient, and effective matter so client can feel secure in their space.  Our highly trained professional team will assess your spider problem and compose a custom control plan for you. Give us a call at 813.948.0870 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

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