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As you settle in to relax after a long day and quietly read a book or a magazine to wind down, you suddenly hear something. The noise is coming from above, and it sounds like an animal. It dawns on you that you have something living in your attic, but what?

Let’s Play “What’s that Pest?”

These common pests may be the culprit. Review the signs of each one to determine what might be living it up in your attic.

  • Rats and mice scurry about at night and leave lots of evidence of their presence through droppings, insulation damage, chew marks, and dark, oily rubbings along the walls and floors.
  • Squirrels scamper about your attic in the early morning and early evening. Look for fat, brown droppings about 1/3 of an inch long. Nesting materials like leaves and sticks are also common.
  • Raccoons are nocturnal, so you’ll hear their loud, heavy movements during the night, as well as their vocal growling and chattering. They leave a path of destruction with obvious tracks and feces.
  • Bats typically don’t make much noise unless you have many of them. You likely first notice their presence when they enter or leave via holes or vents in your attic. But their feces is very identifiable, and the smell is powerful.

Wildlife Removal in Tampa, FL

Critter Control® of Tampa can figure out exactly what has taken up residence in your attic, and get rid of those pests quickly and effectively. We also provide essential services to remove any sign that they were there, such as replacing contaminated insulation and eliminating the smell. More importantly, we take the necessary steps to ensure your attic pests can’t return. Call on Critter Control® of Tampa today for all your pest control solutions. Call us today with any questions, or to schedule your complimentary home consultation.

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