How To Remove A Dead Animal Smell

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Remove dead animal smellWild animals occasionally escape into businesses and residential homes in search of food, warmth, and shelter. Home and business owners will often use traps and poisons to combat the infestation. While such methods can indeed kill a pest, they will only serve to create additional problems. Now, instead of a living animal hiding within their property, there’s a dead one. If left undiscovered for an extended amount of time, the smell of a dead animal can be overwhelming, nauseating, and difficult to remove. Here are some steps for removing a dead animal smell.

Eliminating the Odor

Candles, potpourri, and air-fresheners may produce a pleasing aroma, but they will only mask the smell of a dead animal. Store-bought sprays are simply not powerful enough to neutralize the stench of decomposing flesh. Opening up your windows and airing-out the interior of your home may provide temporary relief of the bad smells, just make sure no other animals sneak inside during the process. To permanently remove the smell of a dead animal, you must discover its source.

Finding the Source

The first step in eliminating a dead animal smell from your home is locating the carcass. If any traps you’ve set are free of dead animals, then you must sniff out the source of the smell. Use your nose to determine where the stench is strongest. Because most wild animals prefer to nest in dark, warm spaces, your attic is where the smell is most likely originating from. The dead animal can also be in your walls. Once you’ve isolated the smell to a specific area of your home, you can then work toward discovering and removing the carcass.

Handling a Dead Animal

If you’re able to locate the carcass, be careful not to approach it without the appropriate safety equipment. Wild animals, alive or dead, can transmit a variety of infectious diseases to humans. Gloves, goggles, and a face mask are necessary to prevent the spread of disease. Perhaps instead of spending time and money buying odor eliminators and safety gear, it’s better to rely on the experience of wildlife removal experts to remove the dead animal and its smell from your home.

Professional Dead Animal Removal

With over 30 years of experience, Critter Control® of Tampa is equipped to handle any issues that arise from an infestation. Our technicians will not only remove all living and dead animals from your residence, but they will also clean up and repair any damage done to your home. To reduce your risk of infection and ensure that the dead animal, infestation, and smell are permanently removed from your property, contact Critter Control® of Tampa. Call us today at 813-948-0870 to schedule a consultation.

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