How To Remove Dead Animal Smell From Your Office Building

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When trapped within your office building, decaying wild animals create a pretty putrid odor. Unfortunately, the local heat and humidity in Central Florida is sure to worsen even the most unbearable wildlife stench. If your office is still recovering from an infestation, here are some tips to help you reset the smell.

The Dangers of Dead Animal Smell

Moving on after a wildlife infestation is tough for offices large and small, but working alongside the leftover odor can make your pest problem even harder to leave in the past. As if decaying animals aren’t hard enough to handle already, they can also cause trouble in your commercial building by:

  • attracting other pests, such as parasites and insects
  • contaminating food and water, as well as spreading disease
  • creating a foul stench that will bother customers and staff

Removing the Smell From Your Office Space

The following steps will help you to fully clean and clear odor from your office.

  1. Purchase protective gear.

    This is no quick cleanup; post-infestation sanitization requires heavy-duty gear to keep you and your staff safe. Purchase facemasks, bodysuits, gloves, and protective eyewear to create a barrier between yourself and any airborne bacteria.

  2. Invest in industrial equipment.

    Investing in or renting larger pieces of equipment, like a pressure washer or floor cleaner, will help you to achieve maximum results.

  3. Remove the source.

    The smell of just one dead animal can stink up your entire office. Before you start cleaning up after wildlife, you’ll need to make sure there are no more left in sight.

  4. Sanitize the area.

    Put down the travel wipes and reach for industrial-strength cleaning supplies. Because dead animals can still carry and transmit disease, it’s important to fully disinfect the infested area and the surrounding square footage.

  5. Prevent future entry.

    After suffering a wildlife infestation, your office building is at even greater risk for future entry. To prevent any more wildlife from making their way inside, you’ll need to repair each entry point and create a long-term management strategy.

Keep Your Office in the Clear With Critter Control®

Unlike a spill in the kitchen or an accident in the restroom, a wildlife issue typically occurs in the most hard-to-reach places. Instead of risking your health and safety to sanitize your office space, contact the animal experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. Whether they have to go behind a wall or deep inside a crawlspace, our licensed technicians can safely secure your building and remove any lingering stench. To schedule a free consultation for your business, call us today.

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