How To Seal Pest Entry Points In Your Apartment Building

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Seal Pest Entry Points in Your Apartment BuildingApartment buildings experience some serious wear and tear over the years. While tenants constantly move in and out, relocate furniture, and redecorate rooms, your building develops more holes, cracks, and gaps than ever before. As the days and months pass by, these openings get larger and pest entry gets easier. So, if you really want to keep pests out of your apartment building, you’ve got to make it harder for them to get in.

How to Find Entry Points

The first step in preventing pest entry is locating the hidden spots they might use to get inside. Start by browsing the inside areas of your complex to uncover any potential entry points that wildlife can use. While you’re performing your indoor perimeter sweep, some of the most important places to inspect include:

  • Doors

  • Attic vents

  • Windows

Once a pest uses any entry point to gain access, they can end up creating an even larger opening by chewing their way through to the other side. So, if you find an entry point inside your apartment building, seal it from the outside as well. Pay close attention to the walls behind outdoor appliances and the shingles of your roof, because pests can easily sneak into these entrances without attracting attention. And, if you have any existing holes that were previously sealed, you should consider revisiting them to ensure that pests haven’t started breaking down your property barrier.

How to Fill Entry Points

When you’re ready to start properly packing each entry point, begin by cleaning the area to remove any obvious debris. Then, you can start protecting your apartment building with the sealant of your choice. Of course, the best sealant depends on the size of the openings you discover. Some of the most common and durable materials used to seal entry points include:

  • Steel wool

  • Caulk

  • Metal screening

Professional Pest Prevention in Tampa

The only way to find each entry point is to scan every inch of your property, which can take a lot of time away from the everyday needs of your tenants. Fortunately, the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Tampa can create a system that works for your schedule. Our expert technicians can scan the perimeter of your apartment building to uncover every entry point. Then, our team will professionally seal and secure each entryway to prevent any pest problems in the future. To schedule your free commercial inspection, call us today.

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