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A pair of bats flies in an orange sky close to sunset.

Everything You Need To Know About a Bat Infestation

Worries of a bat infestation driving you—well, batty?

Although bats aren’t typically aggressive, the diseases they’re known to carry can be dangerous, and you don’t want to risk being bitten. While bats are most commonly associated with the rabies virus, there are many other diseases that could be transmitted to you or your family if a frightened or injured bat delivers a quick bite.

Unsure whether or not you’re facing a case of the bats? Don’t leave it to chance. Instead, know the signs of a bat infestation so you can determine when it’s time to call in the professionals at Critter Control of Tampa.

Signs of a Bat Infestation

Bat infestations have unique characteristics, differentiating them from other common infestations in Florida, such as rodents and various small mammals. Be on the lookout for these signs of a bat infestation in your home:

  • Guano. Otherwise known as bat droppings, guano will collect on your deck, windowsills, or attic floor.
  • Chirping. You’ll hear bats chirping or squeaking at night or in the early morning, as they’re nocturnal creatures.
  • Scratching. As bats move around inside, you’ll hear scratching or rustling noises, especially at sunrise or sunset when bats are coming or going.
  • Stains. Bat fur is greasy, and any small areas they’re using to enter your home will become stained, appearing black and shiny.
  • Strange odors. Like many wildlife pests, bats stink, and the larger the infestation, the worse the smell. You’ll smell an ammonia-like odor from their urine.

Top Bat Attractors

Like other animals, bats are after the same few things: food, water, and shelter. Whereas the latter two can be sought from other places, your home could be providing steady, reliable access to a source of food if you have a local or underlying pest problem.

Bats are a major predator of insects. Mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and more are all on their nightly menu, easily consuming 1,000 insects each while the sun is down. If your neighborhood is able to supply a bat colony with the insect population it needs to survive, that’s most likely what’s driven bats to invade your home.

A gray bat flies in the air at night.

How Do Bats Get Indoors?

To find proper shelter, bats will seek places that are easily accessible and offer thorough protection. As they scout for their new cove, they’ll look for damaged roofing, uncovered vents, open chimneys, and gaps in the exterior of your home that are large enough for them to squeeze inside. Smaller species of bats can fit through holes the size of a dime, so keeping them out can really be a challenge.

Common Bat Hiding Spots

Wanting to be left alone, bats will settle into the spaces of your home that don’t see much activity. They roost in high, hard-to-reach places, such as attics, chimneys, or porch ceilings. They may also find their way into your wall voids, shed, or garage.

However, to best protect the health and safety of you and your family, we strongly discourage you from trying to investigate the bat infestation yourself. Instead, look for the above signs of a bat infestation around these areas, or listen carefully to any strange noises you hear. If you see or hear anything in these spaces that may indicate you have bats in your home, you’ll know it’s time to call in the professionals at Critter Control of Tampa for professional bat removal services.

Legal Protections of Bats in Florida

Professional bat removal is essential, as bats are protected year-round by state law and cannot be harmed, poisoned, killed, or otherwise exterminated in Florida. Additional protections are in place during their maternity season when flightless young are present, requiring permits for bats to be removed from your home or business.

With that maternity season just around the corner, starting April 16 and running until August 14, it’s now crucial to know the signs of a bat infestation, what attracts bats to your home, and where they’re most likely to hide. If you believe they’ve made themselves at home in your living space, Tampa bat control is just a phone call away.

A bat screeches as it flies in the air, wings outstretched.

Tampa Bat Control With Critter Control

Offering both residential and commercial bat control services, the experts at Critter Control know exactly how to handle your Tampa, FL, bat problem. Our team will humanely remove bats from your home or business and implement measures to prevent reentry.

Furthermore, we offer cleaning services to remove any traces of bat activity that might be left behind. Guano, urine, damage, and other remnants will be taken care of properly and professionally. By the time we’re finished, you won’t even be able to tell bats were present to begin with.

With decades of experience, professional bat removal in Tampa, FL, is best done by Critter Control. Contact us today to get started!

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