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How to Stop Birds from Building NestsBirds are generally not considered as destructive as rats or other pests. However, a bird that has been able to nest and live in your space can cause just as much damage as other creatures and will disrupt your workplace environment. Since most birds are protected from having their nests removed by federal law, it is imperative that any potential issues are resolved before a bird can take residence. Here are some ways you can try to keep birds from building nests in your commercial building.

Plug Entrance Holes

Birds can squeeze through holes that are much smaller than one would think. To prevent a nest being built inside your property, make sure that there are no external holes, cracks, or openings that a small bird could fly through to enter your space.

Protect Nooks

Birds will often try to create nests in small crevices and crannies where they can avoid natural predators in the wild. In an office, they might look for a space in the ceiling or maybe in some shelves in an untrafficked corner. In a warehouse, you might find them up in the scaffolding or structure of the roof. To keep a bird from nesting there, try to regularly check these areas and scare the birds back outside before they have the opportunity to make a more permanent residence.

Place Deterrents

If you frequently see birds hanging around your building, you should use some physical barriers and deterrents to discourage them from coming around. You could place small bird spikes or caulk in the designated area where they normally congregate to make the landing uncomfortable for the birds. Another option is placing items that emit light or sound near these locations, which could scare the birds off.

Bird Removal in Tampa

Birds nesting in your building can be hard to deal with due to the sensitive nature of their removal. At Critter Control® of Tampa, our technicians are professionally trained to handle any pest problem you face, including birds in your commercial building. Call us today at 813-948-0870 for a free consultation or for more information about our services.

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