How To Stop Wild Animals From Fighting On Your Property

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Stop wild animals from fightingWild animals are just that: wild. They are unpredictable and must constantly compete with other wildlife in order to survive. Understandably, they can become quite hangry in their search for food and will not hesitate to defend themselves or their meal from other animals. Here are some tips on what to do if you encounter two wild animals fighting on your property.

Stay Out of It

Do not attempt to break up wild animals that are fighting. At most, you can try scaring them away by yelling and making noise, or you can try tempting them apart by tossing food in the opposite direction, but it’s never a good idea to physically position yourself between two clearly agitated critters. Wild animals — especially ones showing aggression — can be host to any number of infectious diseases that you do not want to contract. By intervening, you’re more likely to end up getting bit or becoming their next target before getting them to calm down, rationally discuss their differences, and see eye-to-eye. If your domestic pet is one of the animals engaged in a brawl with a wild animal, then use verbal commands or a leash to pull it away. Just be careful to keep your distance.

Make Your Property Less Inviting

If your property is attracting aggressive wild animals, then it is up to you to turn off the welcome sign. Take proactive steps toward making your home less appealing to wildlife. You can achieve this by:

  • Removing food sources – Wild animals are drawn to accessible sources of food, so remove that from the equation. Properly secure and store your garbage cans, take down bird feeders, and place any pet food bowls inside your home. If you have any fruit trees or vegetable gardens, put a fence around them and regularly pick up fallen or rotten
  • Remove sources of shelter – Wildlife can also fight over nesting grounds. Try removing potential shelters such as wood piles, debris, or trash from your property. Cut back overgrown vegetation in your yard that may look cozy to wildlife.
  • Creating a barrier – Make it harder for wild animals to access your property by enclosing your yard with a tall fence that would be difficult for them. You can also trim back any tree limbs that could give wild animals access to your home.

If wild animals are still hosting their fight club on your property, then perhaps it’s time you consult wildlife removal experts.

Professional Wild Animal Removal

Don’t get involved in an animal fight. The experienced technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa have the expertise and proper equipment needed to remove aggressive wildlife from homes, businesses, and residential properties. Call us today at 813-948-0870 to schedule your free consultation.


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