Is DIY Rat Removal Cheaper for Your Commercial Building?

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Is DIY Rat Removal Cheaper for Your Commercial Building?Some business owners will do just about anything to stay in the green. But when cutting costs cuts into productivity, you have to prioritize what’s best for your business overall. If you’re thinking about tackling a rat infestation by using the “cheapest” method, take a look at the real cost of using DIY rat removal for your commercial building. 

Health Hazards 

If you leave bait traps with chemical components lying around, your employees, customers, or office pets could easily come in contact with them, which can cause severe reactions, illness, and potential lawsuits. A trained and licensed professional will not only use less harmful treatment solutions, but they’ll also understand the best way to implement a safe strategy. This will keep everyone in your commercial building safe while helping to alleviate the problem as quickly as possible.

Safety Risks 

Rats don’t have bad intentions, but they can cause massive damage. Because their teeth are constantly growing, rats have to chew on tough objects to keep their bite at bay. Depending on where they are inside your business, these rodents might chew on anything from wires to insulation. Therefore, when you try to DIY your way through rat removal, you might come face-to-face with some serious safety risks that can turn into even more trouble without careful, professional handling.  

Environmental Harm 

Chemical contamination is a serious threat to the environment. Whether you use sprays inside or around your business, you chance the risk of contaminating water or soil and causing major harm to local animals and plants. Because certain animal species are protected by law, your business could be hit with huge fines if you bring harm to any endangered ones in your area. Instead of dousing your building with toxic chemicals and sprays, consult a wildlife management provider that can create a long-term plan to keep rats out after a legal, humane removal.

Unsolved Issue 

DIY rat removal usually focuses on treating the culprit rather than the cause. Even if you manage to successfully and safely exclude rats from your commercial building, you won’t have completely treated the infestation without locating the source. As your untreated issue grows bigger over time, so do your repair and restoration fees. Rather than putting yourself and your building at risk, partner with animal removal specialists that can identify the root of your rat problem. 

Repeat Procedure 

If you remove rats but fail to find the entry point or area of interest, you’ll have to repeat the entire process over again when they return. By repurchasing treatments, sprays, traps, and other materials, your DIY rat removal strategy becomes a serious expense. To save money with effective results that last, call a local, experienced wildlife management team that can deliver professional results with services that fit your budget.  

Effective and Affordable Rat Removal 

Of course, the cheapest wildlife management option is prevention. Fortunately, the wildlife management staff at Critter Control® of Tampa can not only prevent future rat entry, but also solve your current problem with safe, humane, and lasting techniques. If you’re interested in protecting your business without breaking your budget, call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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