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Mice in ApartmentsMice can be problematic for your apartment complex. All it takes is for a couple to build a nest in a tucked-away corner, and in a few months there could be a full-on infestation. Mice can reproduce rapidly, which is why it is so important to catch the problem early. At apartment complexes, this can be difficult. Your residents might not tell you in a timely manner that they’ve seen a stray mouse scurrying around. Or, maybe the mice have made their home in a vacant unit. Whatever the case, you should deal with the problem as soon as it is brought to your attention, or else it could have negative consequences for your business.

Mice Problems

Mice can not only damage your property, they can damage your business prospects as well. Believe us, you don’t want to develop a reputation for being the mice-infested apartment complex in town. Once mice have entered your building, you might deal with some of the following issues:

  • Disgruntled residents
  • Mice feces, urine, and bacteria in units
  • Chewing and scratching damage to the ceiling, floors, walls, and fixtures
  • Frayed electrical wiring
  • Foul odor from droppings
  • Foul odor from any mice that have died inside walls
  • Soiled food in residents’ units
  • Residents moving out
  • Loss of future business

Though you might not think that a few mice are that big of an issue, the infestation can cause you more problems than you first think. If you notice any signs of a growing mouse problem at your apartment complex, you should seek the services of pest removal professionals.

Commercial Mice Removal

Going with a professional commercial rodent removal service like Critter Control® of Tampa is the best possible course of action. Should you try to deal with the problem on your own, you could risk introducing a whole new set of issues. For instance, you might place traps or poison in unsafe areas where a resident’s pet or child could stumble upon them. Needless to say, this would be extremely unfortunate for everyone involved.

At Critter Control®, we understand the importance of keeping your business running smoothly. Our experienced technicians can take care of your mice problem with minimal disruption to your residents and operations. Removing mice quickly, safely, and professionally is what we do best. But we don’t stop there — we can clean up and fix up any damaged apartments or facilities so that everything is back to its original condition. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 813-948-0870.

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