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With the increased prevalence of the Zika virus in the state of Florida, it is Tampa Mosquito Reppelent really important to incorporate all possible mosquito control techniques to keep your loved ones safe. Repellents and pesticides are great options, but coupling them with these plants that expel an aromatic scent to humans, yet a repulsive scent to the mosquitoes is even more protection from these pesky insects!


Citronella has a very distinct lemon-like aroma which deters mosquitoes. The plant is a common ingredient in many repellants today, however, you can find it in scented candles, torches, or scented fake plants if you prefer. Its clumping grass-like look makes it a great addition to any garden, and a great compliment to flowering plants. Its ability to grow to 6ft tall makes is perfect for any size area.


The bright variation of colors and their perennial nature make marigolds sought after in many Florida homeowner’s gardens. However, their distinctive smell is offensive to mosquitoes and like citronella, one of their components (pyrethrum) is often found in many store-bought repellants.


Basil is flavorful in many meals and often grown by homeowners in their gardens or small pots. However, researchers found that the essential oil from this aromatic herb is toxic to mosquito larvae.


Like Basil, peppermint is a common aroma in many homeowner’s kitchen. However, when concentrated, it’s a great repellent and the essential oils ward off adult mosquitoes and kill several larvae species


The scent from this plant is popularly used for perfumes, candles, body washes, air fresheners, etc. The list is lengthy! However, one often forgotten use is its ability to repel mosquitoes and other nuisance insects. It is most effective when rubbed on the skin as mosquitoes are deterred and your skin is moistened.

In the constant search to find environmentally friendly methods of pest control, using plants as natural repellents is a must. For more information about mosquito control in the Tampa, Florida area, give Critter Control® of Tampa a call today.

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