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Raccoon Trapping ServicesThough raccoons are one of the largest nuisance animals that bother businesses regularly, their size does not take away from their ability to elude humans. Raccoons can grow to over two feet in length and weigh north of 50 lbs. at their largest, but their crafty nature and nocturnal habits allow them to thrive in well-populated urban areas. They have been known to cause problems both in and around commercial buildings, either making nests inside of them or damaging the surrounding area.

Building Entry

The most common instance of raccoons entering occupied or unoccupied buildings is a raccoon mother looking for a place to give birth to young. Buildings, sheds, attics, and even chimneys can provide a suitable shelter for a raccoon to raise and protect her young. They are drawn to more populated areas by the promise of the food and shelter they can find there, despite the risk that humans pose. Be careful not to feed any raccoons as this could encourage them to hang around the area or even try to enter your building in search of more food.

Raccoon Problems

Though you might find raccoons to be cute or interesting to watch, you do not want them around your property or in your building. You might think there is no harm in feeding them here and there, but that will likely embolden them towards humans and make them more dangerous. Here are some potential issues that raccoons could cause you, your business, and your customers.

  • Damage to your building from their chewing, scratching, defecating, and urinating
  • Broken or frayed power cords
  • For restaurants, risk of contamination to food
  • Damage to landscaping from nightly foraging
  • Danger to farm animals like chickens or pets
  • Significant messes to clean up from overturned and scattered garbage outside
  • Risk to the safety of workers and customers

Commercial Raccoon Trapping Service

Wild animals like raccoons do not belong anywhere near businesses. If you have a raccoon that is consistently causing you problems at your place of work, call Critter Control® of Tampa right away. Raccoons are notoriously hard to trap because of their cautiousness and intelligence, but our experienced animal control professionals can get the job done efficiently and safely without interrupting your business operations. For a free consultation, give us a call today.

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