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Tampa RatRat droppings in your home are never a welcome sight—but the specifics of those droppings can reveal some ugly truths about your rat infestation.

Larger droppings typically indicate a larger species of rat (Norwegian/brown rats are the largest species commonly found in homes), and the location of the droppings may indicate where the rats travel, nest, or feed. Finally, the number of droppings could be a clue to how many rats are present.

Understanding Dangerous Droppings

Rats can spread a variety of diseases through their urine, fleas, and feces. Salmonella bacteria, for example, are common in rat droppings. Their urine spreads leptospirosis to water, soil, and even food. Just a few rat droppings in a pantry or cupboard where food is stored can lead to illnesses in the people who live in the home.

Cleaning and Removing the Source

The removal and cleaning of large amounts of rat droppings should be left to professionals, as rat feces can harbor dangerous bacteria and viruses. Pest-control experts are trained to do a thorough job of cleaning the home and eliminating health hazards.

Critter Control® of Greater Tampa offers exterminators to eliminate rat infestations in your home and professional cleaning crews to rid your home rat droppings. Don’t waste another day co-habiting with these rodents. Call us today at 813.948.0870 for a free consultation, and take the first step towards reclaiming your home from pesky rats.

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