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Rat Exterminator for Multifamily ApartmentsRats are an all too familiar problem for Tampa residents living in multifamily apartment buildings. The overabundance of food, water, and shelter acts as an open invitation for rats to invade the building in search of a place to raise their young. Because apartment complexes house dozens of families, a rat outbreak can negatively affect a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Danger of Rats

Rats may seem harmless; however, they bring disaster with them wherever they go. Once inside your apartment building, rats leave urine and feces all throughout, placing each family at risk. They are also known to do the following destructive behaviors:

  • They gnaw through wires and pipes, causing floods and risk of fire.
  • They damage ceilings, walls, and insulation when their urine and feces soak in.
  • They use attic and wall insulation as nesting material, driving the cost of your air conditioning and heating units to increase.
  • They can carry parasites and both viral and bacterial diseases.

Due to the potential health risks associated with rat removal, we never recommend attempting to remove nuisance rats on your own. DIY trapping is not very effective, especially if you are dealing with an apartment-wide issue. It isn’t worth wasting a few weeks or even months trying in vain to catch every last rat in the complex – it takes a professional with knowledge of rat behavior and trapping techniques to get the job done in a timely manner.

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Apartment buildings are more at risk of rat infestation due to the amount of people living in the building. Rats are social animals. They are attracted to places with a higher population of humans; therefore, a multifamily complex is a rat’s paradise.

At Critter Control® of Tampa, our experts understand the importance of safe and effective rat removal. If you suspect your multifamily apartment building has a rat infestation, our professional rat exterminators will ensure that your rat problems are eliminated. To get a free estimate, or for more information on rats in your apartment building, please call us today.

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