Recovering From A Wildlife Issue In Your Commercial Building

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Productivity is flowing, employees are actively engaged, and business is booming. However, this picture-perfect operation can quickly come to a halt when animals try to share your office space. From inventory loss to property damage, a wildlife infestation can seriously set your business back.

However, of all the issues that come with an infestation, the loss of trust between your company and its employees is perhaps the hardest one to overcome. Whether your staff is questioning the health and safety of their workplace or living in fear of a future infestation, these tips will help you recover from the damage and regain trust.

Assessing the Damage

After an animal infestation, you’ll need to first examine the degree of damage dealt. This may include:

  • Torn or shredded documents
  • Chewed boxes and packages
  • Bitten wires
  • Damaged equipment

Realizing the extent of the infestation will help you to come up with a set of steps to secure and sanitize your office. For example, after noticing chewed boxes, you can start searching for other damaged items and discard anything that could be contaminated.

From there, you can start restoring your office by repairing electrical issues, reprinting documents, or repurchasing materials and equipment. Of course, these short-term fixes won’t prevent animals from reentering, but they will help to establish a concrete plan to share with your staff.

Regaining Trust in Employees

As mentioned earlier, animal invasions may widen the gap between your company and employees, which is why it’s crucial to be as transparent as possible. Be clear about what happened and detail the steps you will take to fix and prevent it. If your staff has any questions, give them your full attention until they feel confident in your answer.

When creating your wildlife management plan, it can be helpful to analyze and discuss the options with your employees. Allow them to bring up their concerns and use them to create a comprehensive plan that restores their peace of mind.

Taking Proactive Measures

There are some quick fixes that your company can implement on its own — cleaning up food waste, securely storing garbage, and quickly cleaning dirty dishes — but the only way to fully secure your commercial building is to find a long-term wildlife partner.

To prevent a wildlife problem down the line, contact Critter Control® of Tampa. Our team of licensed wildlife experts offers animal removal and prevention services that will secure your office and even sanitize any mess left behind. For a free inspection of your commercial building, call us today.

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