Signs Your Commercial Building Has Rodents In The Walls

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Signs Your Commercial Building Has Rodents in the WallsThe busier you are, the harder it is to tell whether your commercial building has a pest problem. As you put more hours on the clock, you might start to think that the abnormalities around you are just a sign of exhaustion, but you should never overlook strange smells, sights, or sounds coming from the walls in your commercial building. If you suspect that rodents are running rampant in your business, here are some definitive signs to look out for.

Starting Your Search

Rodents aren’t always active when you are, so you can’t only rely on sounds to track down a problem behind your walls. Here are some of the most common rodent attractions to check for potential signs of rodent infestation.

  • Large appliances

    If you have any large appliances, you may want to temporarily move them so you can get a good view of every inch of your walls. Rodents often like to hide behind these spots because they can provide either extra warmth or extra cool temperatures.

  • Water lines

    A constant supply of water is certain to attract rodents to your home just as much as a constant supply of food. If you have busted pipes or leaking water anywhere within your plumbing system, rodents are certain to try and find their way to the source. So, if you suspect a water line issue behind your walls, you should also suspect an imminent pest issue.

  • Less active areas

    Rodents are always on the hunt for food and water, but they like peace and quiet just as much as you do. If your commercial building has an attic or basement, perform a thorough inspection to make sure no wild animal is taking advantage of your commercial peace and quiet.

Once you’ve identified some common areas for roaming rodents, it’s time to start your inspection. Working with wildlife professionals is the best way to ensure that your building is best evaluated; however, you can try to identify some up-front problems on your own with the following signs:

  • Smells

    If you start smelling unexpected or strong odors coming from any walls in your commercial building, you may need to consult beyond your cleaning crew.

  • Sights

    If you see droppings or greasy streaks on or around your walls, you may have rodents roaming throughout your floorplan.

  • Sounds

    If you hear anything coming from behind your walls, you should have the site evaluated to uncover the exact cause and create a solution.

Rodent Control for Your Commercial Building

There isn’t always writing on the walls to let you know if rodents have made their way in—but there are other signs to look for. Regardless of how you uncover your pest problem, you must contact professional wildlife services immediately. The seasoned pest technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa can inspect your commercial building, exclude any nesting rodents, and design a plan to keep them from returning. If you’re ready to rid your business of rodents, call us today.

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