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Snakes in the YardOf all the common animals you could notice on your property, probably the last one you want to see is a snake. Your dread of snakes is not proportionate with the problems they can cause you, though. They are really towards the bottom of the list of worst nuisance pests because their behavior isn’t that harmful to people. They stay out of the way, they aren’t aggressive, and they cause no damage to your property whatsoever. If you keep seeing snakes at an unusually high frequency around your house, the worst problem you have is likely not the snakes, but rodents.

Snake Behavior

Though there is something inherently creepy about snakes and the way they slither along, the sight of a snake in your garden or lawn should not strike fear in you. The best thing you can do is leave it alone. Chances are, it is just passing through your yard. And, they are actually pretty nice to have around. They eat annoying bugs and problematic rodents, keeping your yard’s pest population in check. This is one of the primary reasons you will see an uptick in snakes around your house — there is likely a large population of rodents providing a steady supply of meals for the snakes.

However, if you are persistently troubled by a water moccasin around your pool or a rattlesnake in the backyard, you should call a pest control professional to remove the dangerous snake.

Why Rodents Are a Much Bigger Problem

Snakes, on the whole, don’t pose that much of a threat to people, and actually do more good than harm. The case is entirely the opposite for rodents. They bring no positives to the table and can only do damage to your home. Unlike snakes, they will stick around your house as long as they are provided with a secure living space, a water supply, and a food supply. Once they make it inside, they will begin to build nests, chew on structures, urinate and defecate everywhere, contaminate your food, and reproduce. These things are bad for homeowners, and it can take a lot of time to get rid of these pests and undo the damage they cause. All in all, if you have a rodent problem, having a snake or two around can actually be a helpful thing.

Call the Professionals

Don’t mess around trying to remove venomous snakes or trap rats inside your house. You’ll only waste precious time and money, and could end up injured in the process. Instead, call the industry-leading wildlife control experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. We can tell you where the rodents are, how they got in, what attracted them to your house in the first place, and remove them quickly and safely for you. That’s not all — we will repair the damage and clean up the mess as well. To get started with your free initial inspection, give us a call today.

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