Squirrels in your Attic: More than just an Annoyance

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Squirrels in your Attic: More than just an Annoyance

Most people tend to think that squirrels couldn’t possibly cause them any harm. After all, they’re so cute! The truth is, squirrels can cause some considerable damage to your home if they invade your attic. In addition to the annoying noise and destruction the pests can cause, squirrels also pose a health risk to you and your family if their infestation is not addressed right away. Here are some ways squirrels can get in your attic and how you can get them out.

Why Squirrels Love Attics

Squirrels are attracted to attics for a variety of reasons. Because attics are often dark and uninhabited, they offer a perfect area for squirrels to feel safe and build nests. The warmth, darkness, and quick access to nearby food, water, and the outside world helps these critters feel right at home. In addition to building nests and breeding, squirrels love to chew on materials to dull their teeth. Your attic provides everything from wood and wiring to insulation and cardboard for squirrels to chew on and destroy while creating their nests.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

Since the attic is seldomly used by most homeowners, squirrels are often able to inflict serious damage without being detected. If you hear any scurrying or scratching coming from your attic, don’t ignore it. Squirrels often chew through wiring insulation which can create a short circuit, or even cause a fire in some cases. In addition to that, squirrels love to shred attic insulation to build their nests, which can cause your energy bills to increase significantly.

The Danger of DIY Squirrel Removal

Because squirrels can bite, scratch, and spread disease, attempting to remove them on your own is not recommended. A squirrel removal expert is equipped and trained to safely and humanely remove the offending critters from your attic and repair any damage the squirrels may have caused. Once the infestation is taken care of, we are able to seal any entry points used to gain access to your attic, ensuring you never have to worry about a squirrel issue again.

If squirrels have turned your attic into their home, give Critter Control® of Tampa a call today to schedule your free home inspection.

 Reliable Squirrel Removal Experts in Tampa

At Critter Control® of Tampa, our licensed and trained technicians are equipped to handle nuisance squirrel infestations. After ensuring all squirrels are removed, our team will then repair any squirrel entry points and clean up any messes the rodents left behind. We also offer attic insulation and restoration services to get your attic back to its previous condition before the infestation. For more information on our squirrel removal services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free squirrel removal estimate, call Critter Control® of Tampa today at (813) 328-6646.

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