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Having a bird get stuck in your chimney is not only dangerous for the critter, but can also pose a risk to your family. Birds are often looking for a place to nest during the spring and summer, and often choose chimneys Tampa pigeonfor the protection they offer. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for the birds or for you. The birds and their nests create a fire hazard and can introduce parasites and disease into your home. Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping your chimney bird-free.

Chimney Maintenance

Even in Florida, we use our chimneys during the winter. During these colder months it’s easy to keep your chimney clear using the heat and smoke as a deterrent, but what about the rest of the year?

During the warm summer months, many birds build nests that can completely block the flue inside your chimney, which can cause your home to fill with smoke the next time you use your fireplace.

Having your chimney inspected once or twice a year helps ensure that your chimney stays free of blockages. Most inspectors can also check for other fireplace or chimney issues as well for added peace of mind.

Caps and Screens

One of the most effective means of keeping birds and other critters out of your chimney is a chimney cap or screen. Chimney caps are installed over the exit and help to keep animals as well as the elements out of your chimney flue.

Screens resemble a metal grate that is installed over the end of your chimney, and while it may not keep the rain out, it keeps birds and other pests out without restricting the flow of smoke to the outside.

If you’ve been hearing chirping coming from your chimney, or want to ensure that there are no blockages before you use your fireplace, give the bird experts at Critter Control® of Tampa a call today to schedule your free home inspection.

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