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Plants that repel wild animalsThe natural benefits of plants and herbs are most commonly used to enhance meals and cure ailments; however, there are claims that certain plants can help keep wildlife away from your property. While plants may not prove to be permanent pest deterrents, anything can help when trying to protect your home and garden. Here are a few types of plants that are known to repel wild animals.

Prickly Plants

Vegetation with sharp thorns or prickly surfaces is good at keeping nuisance wildlife such as raccoons and rabbits out of yards and gardens. Their soft paws are quite sensitive to the pointy textures of squash the rough and bristly leaves and stems of oriental poppies. A thorny rose bush barrier around the perimeter of your property can also help to prevent wildlife access.

Allium Plants

The destructive underground tunneling of moles and voles can ruin your lawn or garden. Many gardeners swear by the pest-deterring effects of alliums. In addition to tasting good, odorous alliums like onions, garlic, leeks, chives, and shallots have been known to keep the subterranean pests and rabbits away.

Aromatic Plants

While the sweet smell of flowers can be quite alluring to humans, some scents can be overwhelming for invasive wildlife. The flowers of the crown imperial give off a musky fragrance that smells like a fox to squirrels and other rodents. Daffodils also make for a similar rodent deterrent while lavender, mint, marigold, sweet pea, amaryllis, and oak and bay leaves are reportedly effective at repelling mice.

Poisonous Plants

There are a few plants that can harm not only invasive animals, but domesticated pets, as well. Be careful when planting castor beans and daffodils. While the fragrance of a daffodil can make for a good pest deterrent, ingesting any part of the flower can result in severe vomiting, pain, and even death for an animal. The same goes for castor beans. Should a dog, cat, or other pet get into the alleged mole repellent, contact a pet poison helpline.

Permanent Wild Animal Removal

To avoid harm to your pets and ensure an effective solution to wild animals on your property, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. Our experienced removal technicians will quickly and safely remove the pests and keep them from returning to your property. Call us today to schedule your free home consultation.

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