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When a wild animal makes its way into a home, often one of the first Tampa animal in wallsigns of their activity is strange sounds coming from the walls. It’s easy for critters to sneak into your home via the attic and quietly build their nests. Being aware of the warning signs of an animal infestation is the first step in recognizing an issue and being able to address it. Some of the most common warning signs include:


Rat activity is often made evident by signs of chewing or bite marks on food packaging in your kitchen pantry. Small, black dropping inside of cabinets and chewed or frayed wiring are other common indicators of rat activity. You will likely hear a rapid pitter-pattering noise as they scurry around your walls and attic.


Light-footed, quick scurrying and the occasional light tap of an acorn being dropped inside your wall are often the sign of a squirrel at work. You may hear grinding or gnawing coming from your walls as well, as squirrels have teeth that continuously grow, and gnawing on wooden structures within your walls helps them keep their teeth in check.


The largest of the commonly encountered invasive animals, raccoons often give away their presence due to their heavy footsteps. They are also known to tear up attic insulation for nesting, so finding small scraps of that in your home is a strong indicator.


Bats often invade attics and walls to build their nests in the nearly perpetual darkness that these places offer. Sometimes though, bats become trapped and can attempt to claw their way out, causing scraping noises on the insides of your walls.

Seek Professional Removal

If you’re faced with an animal infestation of any sort, you should avoid trying to handle it on your own. Many invasive animal species carry infectious diseases and can become aggressive if they feel threatened, putting you at-risk for injury. Instead, call the experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. Our team of knowledgeable technicians can free your home of invasive critters while keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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