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Have you begun to notice things going bump in the night, mysterious bites squirrel on rooftaken out of vegetables in your garden, or a foul smell emanating from anywhere on your property? Wildlife problems in residential and commercial areas are becoming increasingly common in the Tampa area, and are caused by a variety of different types of animals. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, opossums, and even bats are commonly found seeking shelter in Tampa homes.

Here are some of the signs to watch for when identifying exactly what has entered your home.

Types of Noises

If you’re hearing noises during the day, especially in the early hours of the morning around sunrise, a squirrel may be the culprit. They are one of the only non-nocturnal animals we find invading attics, and they are characterized by a light tapping noise as they scamper about, or even the occasional sound of an acorn cracking.

A slow, loud, heavy thumping noise is often a raccoon that has found its way into your attic, and light, fast pitter-pattering and light squeaking at night is likely a mouse or rat.

Entry Points and Damage

The area of your home that animals use to gain entry as well as the type of damage caused can give you an idea of the type of critter you’re dealing with. A hole larger than an inch or two in diameter is often the work of a squirrel or raccoon, whereas a tiny hole chewed in a roofing soffit or screen enclosure is typically the work of a rat or mouse, as they can squeeze through openings as small as ¼”.

If you do suspect animal activity in your home, look for chewed up wood, wiring, cabinets, or even food containers, as these are signs of rodent activity.

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