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What Attracts Rats to the KitchenOne of the most dreaded, and yet most common, places to find a rat in your home is your kitchen. A rat in the attic or garage isn’t the end of the world, but the kitchen is where you eat and prepare meals. Rats are dirty animals that can cause you a multitude of problems, and you definitely don’t want them anywhere in your house, especially in the kitchen. Here are a few things that attract rats to the kitchen.

1. Food

The number one rat attractant is food. Don’t leave anything out on your counters, especially overnight. Make sure all your food is secured in plastic or glass containers, if possible, and avoiding flimsy paper bags that rats can chew through.

2. Pet Food

Yes, your bin full of dog food can definitely attract rats. Whether you keep it in the garage, kitchen, or a closet, make sure the lid is tightly sealed so that no smells seep out. A sturdy metal bin will likely deter rats from gnawing their way in.

3. Unsecured Trash Cans

If you keep a trash can in your kitchen, make sure it has a lid. Open trash cans are just as good as a pantry full of food to a rat. This also goes for trash cans outside that rats can access more easily.

4. Unwashed Dishes

Even though you might not consider your unwashed dishes to be a source of food, rats will take anything they can get. If you regularly leave dishes out on the counter or in the sink for days, you should try to at least make sure the area is cleaned up before you go to bed.

5. Food Scraps Under Appliances

It is hard to clean under appliances, but an old French fry under a fridge is just as good a food source for a rat as anything else. Take the time to periodically clean under your appliances to make sure all food messes are cleaned up.

6. Open Doors and Windows

If you like to leave your windows up and doors open during the nice spring or fall weather, you could be susceptible to rats. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to come in, especially if they can smell food.

7. Fruit Trees in Yard

Rats love fruit trees because it is about as easy a food source as they can get. They can chew fruits right on the tree, or wait for them to fall on the ground after they ripen.

8. Unmown Lawn

An unkempt yard provides ample cover for rats. They can scurry unnoticed in the long grass or make nests in overgrown bushes. This desire for shelter naturally draws them towards wilder, more secure habitats.

9. Previous Rodent Infestations

Rodents are attracted to the smell of their own urine. As gross as that sounds, you will want to make sure any areas of your house affected by a previous rodent infestation are properly sanitized to avoid subsequent ones.

10. Clutter

Same as an unmown lawn, a house full of boxes and clutter provides the secure hiding places that rats seek. Keep your garage and attic spaces tidy and neat to deter rats.

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