What Do Animal Droppings do to Attic Insulation?

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Animals in your attic like squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, or possums can pose a threat to your health and the infrastructure of your home. This is because these kinds of critters like to use anything they can find in your attic to make a nest for their young. They also tend to be chewers and like to use whatever they find in your attic to help file down their teeth. But perhaps the worst impact these critters can have in your home isn’t what they do, but what their waste does.

Critter Poop

The impact animals waste can have on your home goes far beyond just pungent smells. If animals stay shacked up in your home for too long, their feces will soak into the walls and floor around them. This can cause a terrible smell that will be difficult to get out. It can also stain the ceiling below your attic. But worst of all, it will deteriorate your attic insulation. When this happens, your home can no longer keep warm are in during the cold months and cool air in during the hot months. This will drive your A/C bills up and may cause a lot of stress and confusion in your home.

How to Remove It

The first step to clearing your home of harmful animal droppings is to get rid of the animals who are leaving them around. However, many wild animals can harbor fatal diseases, and handling them on your own is unsanitary. Even animal carcasses pose a threat to your health. After removal, the process of cleaning your home of the hazardous fecal matter is grueling and special tools are needed to complete it.  The best way to rid your home of animal droppings is to hire a professional company with lots of experience when it comes to handling wildlife.

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At Critter Control® of Tampa, our trained technicians know how to remove the critters in your attic without damaging your home any further. And after they’re out, we’ll clean up their mess after them. No need to search for a company who will restore your attic and its insulation, leave it to us! To schedule your free consultation, call us today.

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