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Small animals like mice, rats, squirrels, and even bats are always looking Tampa animals in atticfor the perfect place to build a nest that’s away from danger and the elements. Their small size means that larger predators and even severe weather puts them in danger, and your attic makes a perfect spot for these animals to escape to. One potential downside to unknowingly harboring animals in your attic is the strange odor that can be spread through your home. Look for the following clues to help determine the origins of the foul odor.

Solid Waste

Animal droppings are often one of the easiest things to notice and can give you valuable information as to the sort of visitor in your home. Size is a major indicator, and droppings from rats are much larger than those from mice, typically about an inch long and half an inch thick. Mouse droppings, on the other hand, are typically about ¼” long and pointed at either end.


Any animal that invades your home can potentially leave urine trails in its path which can make identifying them difficult if you’re relying only on that. When used in conjunction with other evidence, however, it can be very useful. Chewed up wood and wiring are strong indicators of squirrel activity for example. Disinfection is necessary after the infestation has been removed in order to prevent bacteria and parasites from causing harm to your family.


When an animal dies inside your attic, they will eventually begin to give off a strong odor as they begin to decompose. When they die inside your walls or attic insulation, the damage can be extensive. Larger animals will create a stronger odor for a longer period of time, and if one happens to die near a moisture source, it can continue to smell almost indefinitely.

Minimize your Risks

It may seem easy enough to clean up animal feces or urine, but you should never needlessly expose yourself to the potential of contracting a dangerous disease. After the animals have been removed from your home, you can rely on Critter Control® of Tampa to clean up the aftermath. Call us today with any questions about our animal removal services, or to schedule a home consultation.

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