What Tools Do I Need To Remove Rats From My Attic?

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Rats are an unfortunate reality for many homeowners, especially those who live in warm weather climates such as Tampa. While rats can take refuge in any area of the home, they tend to congregate in the attic, away from humans. Rats are small, nimble creatures that often enter the attic via tiny holes in the roof. Even if the holes seem too small to penetrate, if they can fit their heads through, then they can squeeze their whole bodies along with it. Such tenacity makes a rat invasion particularly difficult to notice until it’s grown into an overwhelming infestation.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Look for rat droppings that are dark brown and tapered; they look like small grains of rice. Also, look for greasy rub marks along the perimeter of the attic. Rats are dirty and greasy, and that grime can leave smudges along the surfaces of your walls. Black rats are climbers and avid gnawers. If you hear scratching noises in your attic, especially at night, then it is most likely a rat gnawing on anything that they can get their hands on—including your personal property.

The Pitfalls of DIY Rat Removal

Many homeowners tend to believe they can remediate a rat problem by themselves, employing a litany of DIY solutions with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, the majority of these projects are not only ineffective in destroying a colony of rats, but also unnecessarily expensive. The costly tools and cumbersome equipment required for DIY rat removal include:

  • Safety gear – To protect yourself from the risk of bites, scratches, and disease, thick gloves, masks, and long-sleeved clothing must be worn when attempting to personally handle rats.
  • Rat traps – The most common option for DIY rat removal is available in a few versions:
    • Glue traps are highly popular, but also cruel and largely ineffective.
    • Snap traps are also inhumane and will not work on a colony as rats will eventually learn to stay away from them.

Your best option is to avoid the hassle, cost, and personal risk of DIY rat removal by relying on professional pest control services.

Tampa Rat Removal Experts

Professional rat removal is the only permanent solution for Tampa residents, and Critter Control® of Tampa is the go-to source to handle the job. Our licensed and trained wildlife removal experts know how to safely and efficiently remove a rat colony and ensure they do not come back. They’ll address the holes that need to be patched up, the waste that needs to be properly cleaned, and the drywall, flooring, and insulation that needs to be repaired and replaced. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection.

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