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When your home is infested with any kind of critter or bug, one way you will be sure to tell is by the ""smells they give off. Different invaders will leave different smells, so it’s important to be able to identify which smell goes with which pest. Here are a few common household critters and bugs that will give off a specific smell.

  • Mice- Tend to give off a musty or urine-like smell
  • Bed Bugs- Have a sweeter, musty odor
  • Rats- Smell similar to ammonia
  • Roaches- Bring an oily, fecal smell.
  • Squirrels – Will smell like urine and feces

How to Fix It

Whether you’ve got bed bugs or rats, getting rid of pests on your own can be difficult. DIY seems tempting, as you can do them on your own time for pennies on the dollar, however, can turn out to be more trouble than their worth. Unclear instructions, difficult to set traps, and hazardous chemicals can all lead to your DIY trap failing and possibly harming a pet or child in the process. And by the time you smell whatever has invaded your home, there may be a much larger infestation than what you’re prepared to deal with.

Critter Control of Tampa Can Help

Instead of turning to DIY that won’t guarantee anything, turn to Critter Control of Tampa®. We guarantee we won’t just get the intruders out of your home, we’ll make it seem like they were never there in the first place. Any smells, damages, or entry and exit points will be taken care of. If you suspect your house might be overrun by unwanted guests, don’t delay. Call us today for a free consultation.

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